I’m Max
layout designer

I am an expert in the layout and preparation of publications for printing

I am an expert in the layout and preparation of publications for printing


My areas of expertise

My areas of expertise

Adobe InDesign

for comlpeting the layout in variouse formats

Adobe Illustrator

for creating vector graphics

Adobe Photoshop

for raster graphics' processing

Adobe Acrobat

for preparation of publications for printing

My background

My background


Graduated from Moscow State University of Printing in 2001 with a degree in Publishing and Editing


20 years of freelance publishing experience


I work with publications in all formats: print, web, and electronic devices


I guarantee fast and accurate completion of all orders on or before deadline


I work with every client to create a clear project schedule and provide regular progress updates


I am able to provide expert proofreading and editing services for all publications in Russian language

Quality and accuracy

My professional experience and great attention to detail allow me to find and correct proofreading and editorial mistakes, which often save publications from serious issues


I know how to build a clear and coherent working environment by organizing remote teamwork and facilitating communication between collaborators

A bit of statistics

During 2022 I have completed

During 2022 I have completed


Working with me, you will get

Working with me, you will get

Optimization and acceleration of all work processes

I coordinate activities of all participants in the work process over the network using reliable tools (such as Kanban methodology). If necessary, I implement and fine-tune the network coordination system. As a result, everyone (supervisors, editors, designers, proofreaders) knows at any time what stage the publication is at, can provide comments and generally act efficiently and quickly.

For any layout processes that can be automated, I implement scripts. This speeds up the work several times over the ‘manual’ method.

Ability to follow the preparation of the publication over the network and monitor the process at any stage

This follows on from the previous point, but I emphasise it separately as it is valuable and important for any manager.

Stable quality of periodicals

By automating processes I reduce the likelihood of mistakes. This applies to both layout and word processing. In addition, I am introducing tools to check the quality of finished publications.


Cost and risk reduction

Cost and risk reduction

Automation can make the process not only faster, but also cheaper. For example, the “Autocorrect” script
reduces the workload of proofreaders by a factor of 1.5-2 on average.
Network coordination makes the process of preparing a publication more coherent and clear.

Ability to fully delegate the entire scope of design, layout, word processing, and prepress

I am able to cover the entire field of preparation of any publication for printing - from getting a raw author's text, a sketch or just the TOR - to the finished layout for the print shop.

Payment is not expected until the project is completed

Payment is not expected until the project is completed

Procces outline:

Estimated cost of the project is discussed with client

Layout of the publication and all nessesary work is completed

Client recieves a light pdf file in web format

The file is small and easy to send. It is not intended to be printed, but it is ideal for easy review and approval.
All nessesary changes requested by the client are made at that time.

I receive final approval for printing and PAYMENT from the customer

Sending the file to the typography

My secret to quality and speed

My secret to quality and speed

In my experience, being a professional with all the necessary software is not enough. My main secret to really fast work is specially designed scripts. The video shows an example of how one of them works. This is my pride and joy: the autocorrect script. It corrects the most common spelling and punctuation errors. As certified proofreader, I constantly replenish the script database manually. This on average reduces the workload of the proofreaders working with me by 1.5-2 times.

This script currently only exists for texts in Russian langauge. However, I will be able to create an English version if nessesary.

From the editor: "I have been working with Maxim for a long time. Together we make monthly magazines for a business literature publisher. At some point I began to notice that the authors were becoming more and more literate every month... At least, they stopped skipping hyphens and making silly mistakes like "traffic" or "off-line." I noticed this, but of course, I did not understand why. Then Maxim told me about his miracle script and showed me how it worked, and everything fell into place. I can confirm that the number of errors per issue of a 100-page magazine has now decreased from 1000+ to 300-500! This, of course, is a huge help to me! My workload has greatly decreased, and my speed has increased. All in all, I want to say a BIG THANK YOU for the script!"
Inna Nazarova
proofreader of "Image Media" Publishing House

And this script automatically applies design styles to the author’s raw text, which on average increases the speed of making book layout by several times.



Scientific publications


Harmonious, in the same style as the text.

Formula page


Informative and aesthetic.

A spread of the book (commissioned by the Public Opinion Foundation) with charts and graphs

Technical drawings

Infinitely scalable.

Detail in sectional view

Have a project in mind?

Have a project in mind?



I have been working with Max for over 10 years. Max is extremely profeccional, knowledgeable and reliable. He has great work ethic and produces high quality, accurate work. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a expert capable of producing beautiful and accurate publication.
Elena Svetlaya
General Director of Publishing House "Kislorod"
For me, timing and cost are important. Maxim makes the layout quickly and at a reasonable price (as I understand, due to the automated debugged process). He does the layout without any major mistakes, some minor blunders are eliminated quickly. It is important that you can quickly contact Maxim. Well, working with him, I see no risk of losing money or getting a bad result.
Marat Hasiiatullov
Director of "Aspect" Publishing House, founder of "Scientific Aspect" magazine
We have been working with Maxim since 2014, and we are very satisfied with our work together. Our specialty is educational and scientific books and magazines, and Maxim is one of the few pagemakers who understand the specifics of such work. Maxim does layouts professionally, with great attention to detail. Receiving from the author of the raw text in Word, in the output we always have a perfectly laid out edition in compliance with all state standards. Sometimes we have articles and books of special complexity: with numerous formulas, tables and graphs. Maxim has no problems with them either, and everything is laid out in the best possible way. I should also note that Maxim knows how to manage his time very well. In the six years he has been with us, he has never once delayed an order. As a rule, the work is ready even before the deadline.
Il`dar Akhmetov
D. in Technical Sciences, General Director of Publishing house "Young Scientist"
Maxim, thank you for your quality work! After several unsuccessful attempts at layout, we found you, and you were our salvation! Fast, high quality, no unnecessary questions: everything was done well! I am very glad we chose you. Our book has received only positive feedback from the first days and has been resonating in the hearts and minds of readers. Thank you so much for your professionalism!
Aleksei` Shabarshin
Owner of the largest Telegram-based recruitment network of digital jobs, author of the book "A Million in Telegram"

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